Erik Ogard, CFA

President and CEO

Former Director of Alternatives Research and Portfolio Management at Frank Russell Company

BA, Pacific Lutheran University

MBA, Willamette University


Henry Sowizral, PhD

Technology and Research

The Monea Group, LLC

Former roles at Microsoft, Terabeam, Schlumberger, Rand Corporation, NASA, and Boeing

PhD, Yale University, Computer Science


Karel Zikan, PhD

Technology and Research

The Monea Group, LLC

Former roles at Boeing, Terabeam, Hughes, and Sun Fulbright Visiting Professor, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic (Informatics)

PhD, Stanford University, Operations Research


Patrick Adrian, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Former roles at Threshold Group and Frank Russell Company

BS, University of Puget Sound, Economics


Tracy Houston

Operations and Compliance

Former roles at Russell Investments; Global Compliance Operations, Institutional Client Service, Russell Trust Company, Institutional Consulting

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